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AR2 Thumler's Rock Tumbler - Basic Package with Everything You Need To Get Started!
AR2 Thumler's Rock Tumbler - Basic Package with Everything You Need To Get Started!
Rock Tumbler Thumler's Polisher Basic Tumbler Package

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Our Price: $145.00
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Description Technical Specs

What Comes In The Basic Package?

*AR2 Thumler's Rock Tumbler/Polisher

*1lb Grit Kit: This includes 1lb of each of the 4 grits used to polish rocks. 1Lb of 60/90, 1lb of 120/220, 1lb Pre-Polish, 1lb of Polish which is Aluminum Oxide. (This kit is enough grit to run the tumbler 1 time or approx. 14-15lbs of rock)

*2lbs of Crushed Agate

*2 Year Exclusive Warranty!

What Else Will I Need Once My Basic Package Comes?


*An outlet to plug your tumbler into

*3 in 1 light weight oil

Thumler's AR2 Tumblers

The AR2 is a heavy duty tumbler designed for years of use. This tumbler has 2 rubber constructed barrels with plastic lids held in by an 'o' ring. It is belt driven and has a cooling fan and automatic safety turn off feature. Specifically engineered to run quiet so that these tumblers can be used indoors, and in apartment buildings. Thumler's tumblers require very little maintenance, and take about the same amount of electricity as a standard 60 watt light bulb. The double barrel system is wonderful for siblings to be able to tumble on the same machine and label their barrels. They are also extremely beneficial if you are keeping one barrel for each stage of rock tumbling to be able to re-use some grit and eliminate contamination. For questions about this or any of our machines please give us a call toll-free at 888-762-5746.

Why Purchase From Rockpick Legend Co.?

We aren't just another business we're rock enthusiasts! Rick got his start in rock and mineral collecting in 6th grade when he was tasked with a science fair project that took him into a tiny rock shop on Redwood Road in Salt Lake City, Utah. The science fair project turned into a hobby, which turned into a passion, a life time of studying (including at the University of Utah, and Montana School of Mines) and eventually led Rick back into that same small store to work there and eventually take over. Now Rick, his wife Anita and their children, grand-children, and in-laws run Rockpick Legend Co. Each person here has found their own specialty niche in the rock world, and we offer a complete rock experience! From our own love for rocks, minerals, and the world that has created them, to our passion for helping young and old rock hounds alike get their start into this exciting field you can rest assured we'll be there to help you with all your rock related needs. If you have any questions now or once you get started please call us at 888-762-5746 we'll be glad to help you and look forward to having you in our rock family! You can also connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest, YouTube, and on our Blog!

Common Questions & Answers

Q. How loud are Thumler's Tumblers?

A. Thumler's tumblers are slightly louder than Lortone but are still quiet enough to be ran on the kitchen counter in a home or apartment. The plastic lids account for the volume difference between the two brands. The only exception to this is the Model B Thumler's which has a solid metal barrel that is completely rubber lined. This tumbler is extremely quiet when kept full. For 10 more reasons the Model B is our favorite tumbler go here.

Q. How much electricity does a Thumler's Tumbler use?

A. The smaller Thumler's Tumblers use about the same amount of electricity as a 60watt light bulb, and the larger ones use twice that. This is because Thumler's have much larger motors than Lortone tumblers do, which makes them more difficult to overload, and makes them last much longer. The trade off however, is that you'll use 2 to 3 times the amount of electricity to run them.

Q. How long does it take to polish my rocks?

A. It takes 4 solid weeks to go from start to finish in any rotary rock tumbler. There are four different grits or "stages" of rock tumbling, each takes 5-7 days. At the end of each cycle you take the rock out of the barrel and wash everything, add the correct grit for the next step, and seal the barrel up again. You can see a noticeable difference each week when you wash out the barrel; however they will not be shiny until the very last stage is completed.

Q. Can I open the tumbler between stages?

A. Yes! It does not hurt anything for you to open up the tumbler and check on your rock. If the tumbler is all the sudden louder than you expect it may have too little water in it, so you may want to open it and check on the water level. Kids love to see the process and it's perfectly fine to open the barrel every 15 minutes for excited young eyes! (Caution: be careful to not contaminate the grit with other grits.)

Q. How large of rock can I polish in a Thumler's rock tumbler?

A. It depends on the size of rock tumbler you have, if you are using a 3lb rock Thumler's tumbler (AR1 or AR2) you can tumble up to 1 rocks, and fill the barrel 3/4ths of the way full. This means you can tumble about 3 cups or around 40-60 1 and smaller stones (of course if they are extremely small there will be more than 40-60 stones). If you are using a 6 to 9lb rock tumbler (AR6 or AR18) you can tumble up to 2 stones (or about the size of an apricot).

Q. How many rocks can I polish at once?

A. In a 3lb tumbler (AR1) you can polish up to about 3 cups of rock at once. In a double 3lb tumbler you can do twice as much. In a 9lb (AR6) you can do up to 8 cups of rock, and in the AR12 you can do 12 cups of rock. In the Model B you can do between 12 and 15 cups or rock at once.

Q. What if I polish the wrong type of rock?

A. The worst case scenario is that your rocks will disintegrate in the tumbler. Regardless of the type of rock you tumble it will not hurt the tumbler. Some rocks may not polish and some may be so soft they disappear completely, but you will not damage the tumbler. Specific types of rock can have acid in them similar to stomach acid which can cause the lid to pop off. If this happens refill the barrel and add baking soda or Tums to your mixture. This will prevent acid from building up and the lid from popping off.

Q. How can I tell if my rocks will polish together?

A. Take two rocks and scrape them together. If they leave equal marks on each other, or neither rock is damaged you can most likely put them in the tumbler together. If one stone leaves a larger mark on the other, then they should be tumbled separately. This is the part of rock tumbling that can be considered a learning curve, and may take some practice. Remember that softer stones or rock that doesn't take a good polish can always be re-polished separately later. (Caution: Mixing very hard stones with soft stones may cause the softer stones to disintegrate in the tumbler.)

Q. What are the plastic "beads" I received with my tumbler for?

A. Rocks wear down during the tumbling process. Because of this, filler is needed to bring the barrel back to 3/4ths full level. Plastic pellets are the perfect filler. Besides providing volume, they protect your rocks from chips and scratches. Use plastic pellets in the "polish" stage to help achieve a professional gloss! We include them in our kits to ensure your rock tumbling success.

Q. Is my child too young for a rock tumbler?

A. Rock tumblers are recommended for children 6 years and older. With adult supervision, they can be exciting and fun for children of any age.

Q. I have lost my instruction book, now what?

A. No problem, we've published them on our website for you so you don't have to worry about having a physical copy anymore. Go here to the rock tumbling instructions page for more information.

How To Choose A Rock Tumbler?
How To Oil A Rock Tumbler.
How Loud is This Rock Tumbler?
  • AR2 Thumler's Rock Tumbler

  • 1lb Grit Kit
  • 2lbs Crushed Agate
  • Tumbling Instructions
  • Exclusive 2 Year Warranty
  • Technical Assistance Toll-Free 888-762-5746

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