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Established 1964 Rockpick Legend Co. is a Real Running Rock Shop!

Shipping department will return from holiday vacation on December 30th, 2013 no orders will ship until then. Thank you! Most orders placed before 1 pm MST will leave our facility on the same day. Most orders shipped by US-Mail or after 1pm MST will leave our facility the next day. If you need an order rushed after 1pm please call us to place the order. Thank you - Rick & The Rock Gang

AR2 Thumler's Rock Tumbler - Basic Package with Everything You Need To Get Started! Bolo (Bola) Tie Back - Silver Swivel Hinge - Sold Individually Deluxe Rock Sample Kit With 12 Stones & Pamphlet Explaining Rocks, Minerals & The Rock Cycle
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AR2 Thumler's Rock Tumbler - Basic Package with Everything You Need To Get Started! Bolo Tie Back - Silver Swivel Hinge - Sold Individually Rock and Mineral Kit for Classrooms, Scouts, Teachers, Students, Jr. Rockhounds, and Sciece Fair Projects

Twin 3lb barrels make this tumbler an ideal choice for siblings! Comes with a 1lb grit kit, crushed agate, instructions and an exclusive 2 year in-house warranty! For help choosing a rock tumbler, hints and tips, online instructions and more see our rock tumbling corner.

Sold Individually. These bolo backs are extremely easy to use and work with almost any rock between 1" and 4". Simply place the stone on the flat surface and glue. Allow glue to dry and thread a bolo tie though the back. To finish off the perfect bolo tie use your choice of bolo tips to glue onto the end of the bolo cord. We recommend HOT STUFF GLUE for all findings projects. Includes 3 Igneous, 3 Sedimentary, and 3 Metamorphic rocks, 2 minerals and 1 fossil! Individually bagged and labeled. Rocks are about 0.75" diameter each. These are hand picked to make sure you can see the details in each one.  (Not recommended for children ages 3 or younger.)
4 Step Rock Tumbling Grit Kit - Low Price! Dental Picks - Nylon for Fossil Cleaning Variscite Nodule from Utah Lite Hill, Lucin Utah
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4 Step Rock Tumbling Grit Kit Set of Four Nylon Dental Picks for Fossil and Mineral Extraction and Preparation
This grit kit comes with all virgin grit. This is not recycled, or substitute grits. Kit contains 1 pound of silicon carbide 60/90 grit, 1 pound of silicon carbide 120/220 grit, 1 pound of Aluminum Oxide Pre-Polish, and 1 pound of Aluminum Oxide Polish. Kit will polish approx 14-15lbs of rock or glass. These Nylon picks are perfect for cleaning fossils without damaging the fossil itself. Softer but still stiff enough to perfectly clean most fossil plates. Works great on fish, sponges, and other fossil plates. Also works great for cleaning matrix off minerals without scratching the mineral specimens. Name: Varascite
Location: Utah Lite Hill, Lucin, Utah
Size: 3.5 inches x 2.5 inches x .5 inches
Weigh: 6.05 ounces
Notes About Specimen: This specimen maybe our favorite from this batch of Varascite! It is speckled and shows the spider-webbing famous in Varascite.
Bubble Opal Field Trip - Rock Hounding Expedition - June 20th, 2015 Azurite Field Trip - Rock Hounding Expedition - May 9th, 2015 Geode Field Trip - Rock Hounding Expedition - June 6th, 2015
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Bubble or Bacon Opal Rock Hounding Guided Tour Azurite Rock Hounding Trip Dugway Geodes Dig Utah
Bacon Opal comes from a small deposit just north of Milford. There is no play of color in bacon. The colors of bacon opal are caused by light reflecting off of the fractures within the stone. The term bacon opal comes from its appearance when cut by a skilled lapidarist. The collecting site here is literally 2 minutes of the side of the road! This trip is fun for the entire family with only a difficulty rating of 2 stars we're sure everyone will find Azurites, and have fun! See more photos and details in the full description. There will be a back hoe digging to assist us in collecting. This means we will be able to access the lower beds where better quality and larger geodes are located. We are limited to 2 five gallon buckets per person which can be a lot of smaller geodes or a couple larger ones.  This trip is highly recommended for kids of all ages.
Diamond Core Set - 10 Piece Gem Drill with Press - For Bead making
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Gem Drill with Press - For Bead making
Larger cutting/drilling bits that are hollow so they leave a core center piece when drilling. These are used for making larger holes in stone for clock faces, fountains, and also the core piece from the centers are used for jewelry such as ear-plugs etc. This drill is designed for home use in making beads, pendants and more. Variable speed from 0-8500rpm, with a specialized chuck that accommodates for diamond drill bits from 0.6mm to 6.5mm. The die-cast base creates a solid foundation for drilling and with it's wide 6 3/4 inch x 6 3/4 inch design you can rest assured your drill press will not be tipping over while you work. Click to see full range of specs, and articles pertaining to this product.

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